Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wendy Robin and Band says goodbye to Hong Kong (Saturday 2nd,July 2011)

Join us Saturday 2nd July,2011 as we say goodbye Hong Kong
After 3 years of performing a the Excelsior hotel "Wendy Robin and Bad" will be saying bye bye. Thank you so much to all the wonderful fans that we have made,the friends who kept us sane by inviting us to their homes and all the staff at the Excelsior hotel who have taken very good care of us.
We were originally suppose to spend 6 months here but the record sale and costumer satisfaction kept our contract extending.We cannot thank you enough for your never ending love and support.
It will be a sad occasion I am sure but it will also be a very happy one as I celebrate my Birthday Bash Early this year.I will be celebrating my Birthday on the same night that we are leaving so those envelopes are welcomed :-)
Till we meet again."We love you Hong Kong"

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