Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

As we come to the end of 2011 I would just like to say thank you and Happy New Year.It's been a great and Interesting year for me.Within the year I traveled to Hong Kong,Macau,Shenzhen,Thailand,Maryland,Washington,England,Slovenia and Croatia. My year started of in Hong Kong of course.
In the Early part of the year during my full time gig I took the time to do a Benefit concert for the Philippine community and there flood victims along with the Phil-Alliance organisation.The event was staged in front of a large audience in Hong Kong.Along with my band and many special guest we also performed a second time for the Phil-Alliance organisation and the needy in the Philippines.The 2nd event was even more spectacular as the weather was much more favorable.Both events were out door events.
Music Release
I also released three singles (Welcome to Hong Kong reggae,Can't Get Enough of Your Love-Dance and Life of the Party-dance ) and did quite a bit of radio,newspaper and other forms of journal interviews for the Hong Kong and Mainland China audience.
Summertime activities
After performing for almost 3 years in Hong Kong this summer we had to say good bye.It was a bitter sweet occasion.I was excited to be going to North America to re-unite with family but sad to be leaving old fans and friends.The occasion ended one week before my birthday and I made the best of it.Guitar player Jerald his birthday just one day after mine also took part in the
My parents 50th Anniversary
This was one of our best family event to date.We planned a stunning event for our parents 50th well 53rd wedding anniversary.They got married in their teens.All my mother and fathers children were together under the same roof.It was an occasion we will never forget.We celebrated with wonderful friends,neighbors and some the children our parents took care of from the goodness of their hearts.They are living Angels Rocko and Tiose (father and mother)
Moving to Croatia
This move kind of took us by surprise.It started with my surgery really.The surgery of course was scheduled for somewhere else...Thailand...On arriving in Croatia we realized or were advised by the doctor that it had to be done ASAP.We did and 6 months later we are still Croatia has been good so far. My husband a Croat reunited with his family.I started my European debut right here in Zagreb and Dubrovnik and the Croatian media have been wonderful to me.
We rested in Hvar,Croatia for the summer.I recieved really bad news when I was recovering from my surgery.My pass bass player J Somebody who worked with me for 2 years and left in early January passed away in his sleep.

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