Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Lovely Trip to Samed,Thailand

Wendy and Ivan on our way to Samed

Nala,Toni and Wendy on our way to the speed boat

We went to Samed with friends and it was a blast. This place was complete paradise on earth.White sand beach,great food,lovely night life (music and bars)and overall an A+.We left Bangkok and drove for about two hours.We arrived there and got a few drinks and took the speed boat across.That was torture I had never been on one and my friend kept saying the waves were high today. Lovely.When we arrived on the island it was very sunny.We jumped in our swim suits laid in the sun,got some Thai massage and oil massage and had a lovely meal.

You can also get fruits very fresh and cheap from the sales guys and girls I coin the phrase walking markets to them.After partying all night the next day was back to that speed boat again.Lovely.There are some really lovely little Villas there as well.

Paradee Hotel

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