Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My lovely Holiday in Malaysia (KL and Penang)

After singing for 8 months straight 6 nigts a week I went on a holiday.It was short but it definitely did the trick.
For our holidays Ivan(fiance') and I decided on Malaysia last minute.We only had 4.5 days to travel,relax,enjoy and possible do some clubbing which we somehow fit into our tight schedule.
We left Hong Kong Monday mourning and arrived in KL in the afternoon.We then booked the hotel...Crazy...I know.We stayed at the Le Meridien,the best food in Kuala Lumpur in our opinion.

We did some clubbing as well.At the Western we partied with a lovely Columbian band.Next day we visited the Twin towers etc,then did a bit of clubbing again.Thanks for the reccomendations Toby :-)

The Wednesday we flew to penang very early in the mourning which is quite strange for me...We booked the Hard Rock Hotel.Now that's when I felt like I was on a vacation.It was a resort and I love resorts ,Ivan hates them...I just like that all inclusive feeling it makes life so much easier :-).
We relaxed,ate,partied a bit and I had a lovely massage from their massage menu.The Hard Rock massage was the name...Highly recommended...

We then returned to Hong Kong on the Friday and back to work.Saturday night was packed and fantastic at TOTT's and I felt great like a welcome back

Now it's time to get onto recording and promoting music...and getting the Wendy Robin Hair collection rolling.
I will keep you guys posted with both challenges

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